January 24, 2021
Fariborz Rahimi

Fariborz Rahimi

Academic rank: Assistant professor
Education: Ph.D in ٍElectrical Engineering-Control & Biomedical Engineering
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering
Department: Electrical Engineering


  • PhD. in ٍElectrical Engineering - Biomedical Engineering , University of Waterloo , Canada (2004 - 2010)
    Thesis title: Tremor in Parkinson's Disease: Loading and Trends in Tremor Characteristics
  • MSc. in Electrical Engineering , University of Tabriz , Iran (1993 - 1996)
    Thesis title: Fault Removal Planning in Azerbaijan Electric Power Generation and Distribution Systems with Fuzzy Critical Path Method
  • BSc. in Electronics Engineering , University of Tabriz , Iran (1988 - 1993)
    Thesis title: Design and implementation of a remotely operated combinatorial lock

Research interests

  • Objective evaluation of movement disorders
  • Quantitative (sensor-based) analysis of movement
  • Pathological Tremors


Research activities

Journal articles
Fariborz Rahimi, Reza Eyvazpour, Nazila Salahshour, Mahmoud-Reza Azghani (2020) Objective assessment of spasticity by pendulum test: a systematic review on methods of implementation and outcome measures Biomedical Engineering Online: 19; 1-18
Masoud Farshbaf, soodabeh davaran, Fariborz Rahimi, Nasim Annabi, Roya Salehi, Abolfazl Akbarzadeh (2018) Carbon quantum dots: recent progresses on synthesis, surface modification and applications Artificial Cells Nanomedicine and Biotechnology: 46; 1331-1348
soodabeh davaran, Hamed Fazeli, Aliyeh Ghamkhari, Fariborz Rahimi, Ommoleila Molavi, Maryam Anzabi, Roya Salehi (2018) Synthesis and characterization of novel P (HEMA-LA-MADQUAT) micelles for co-delivery of methotrexate and Chrysin in combination cancer chemotherapy JOURNAL OF BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE-POLYMER EDITION: 29; 1265-1286
Mehdi Delrobaei, Fariborz Rahimi, Mallory E. Jackman, Seyed Farokh Atashzar, Mahya Shahbazi, Mandar Jog, Rajni Patel (2016) Kinematic and kinetic assessment of upper limb movements in patients with writer's cramp Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation: 13; 1-10
Fariborz Rahimi, Angela C Roberts, Mandar Jog (2016) Patterns and predictors of freezing of gait improvement following rasagiline therapy: A pilot study CLINICAL NEUROLOGY AND NEUROSURGERY: 150; 117-124
Seyed Farokh Atashzar, Mahya Shahbazi, Christopher Ward, Olivia Samotus, Mehdi Delrobaei, Fariborz Rahimi, Mandar Jog, Rajni Patel, Jack Lee, Mallory E. Jackman (2016) Haptic Feedback Manipulation During Botulinum Toxin Injection Therapy for Focal Hand Dystonia Patients: A Possible New Assistive Strategy IEEE Transactions on Haptics: 9; 523-535
Mallory E. Jackman, Mehdi Delrobaei, Fariborz Rahimi, Seyed Farokh Atashzar, Mahya Shahbazi, Mandar Jog, Rajni Patel (2016) Predicting improvement in writer’s cramp symptoms following botulinum neurotoxin injection therapy Tremor and Other Hyperkinetic Movements: 6; 410-419
Hung P. Nguyen, Fouaz Ayachi, Catherine Lavigne–Pelletier, Margaux Blamoutier, Fariborz Rahimi, Christian Duval, Patrick Boissy, Mandar Jog (2015) Auto detection and segmentation of physical activities during a Timed-Up-and-Go (TUG) task in healthy older adults using multiple inertial sensors Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation: 12; 12-36
Fariborz Rahimi, Olivia Samotus, Jack Lee, Mandar Jog (2015) Effective management of upper limb parkinsonian tremor by BoNT-A injections using sensor-based biomechanical patterns Tremor and Other Hyperkinetic Movements: 5; 1-13
Fariborz Rahimi, Derek Debicki, Angela C Roberts, Carina Bee, Priya Bapat, Mandar Jog (2015) Dynamic decomposition of motion in essential and parkinsonian tremor CANADIAN JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES: 42; 116-124
Fariborz Rahimi, Carina Bee, David Wang, Farrokh Janabi-Sharifi, Quincy J. Almeida (2015) Subgroup analysis of PD tremor with loading: Action tremor as a combination of classical rest and physiological tremor CLINICAL BIOMECHANICS: 30; 114-120
Matt J.N. Brown, Quincy J. Almeida, Fariborz Rahimi (2015) The dopaminergic system in upper limb motor blocks (ULMB) investigated during bimanual coordination in Parkinson’s disease (PD) JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY: 262; 41-53
Fariborz Rahimi, Carina Bee, Christian Duval, Patrick Boissy, Roderick Edwards, Mandar Jog (2014) Using ecological whole body kinematics to evaluate effects of medication adjustment in Parkinson disease Journal of Parkinsons Disease: 4; 617-627
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Fariborz Rahimi, Mandar Jog (2019) Diagnosing and treating movement disorders
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  • دونيا مرادي
    Name: Dunya Moradi
    Degree: MSc.
    Field: Biomedical Engineering
    Thesis: Design and construction of a claustrophobia simulator with capability of EEG recording in order to investigate the impact of these situations on EEG featuress
  • آزاده سروش
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    Thesis: Biomechnical pattern recognition based on rigidity in Parkinson's disease and clinical scales
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    Degree: MSc.
    Field: Biomedical Engineering
    Thesis: designing a real time warning system and Performance analyzing of air ventilation system of hospitals for perventing of airborne infections – Tabriz Imam Reza hospital
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