July 10, 2020
Fariborz Rahimi

Fariborz Rahimi

Academic rank: Assistant professor
Education: Ph.D in ٍElectrical Engineering-Control & Biomedical Engineering
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering
Department: Electrical Engineering


Patterns and predictors of freezing of gait improvement following rasagiline therapy: A pilot study
Type Article
Freezing of gait (FoG), Rasagiline, Parkinson's disease
Researchers Fariborz Rahimi، Angela C Roberts، Mandar Jog


Freezing of gait (FoG) is a challenging clinical symptom in Parkinson’s disease with variable improvements in FoG with rasagiline. In this prospective, uncontrolled, pre-/post- treatment pilot study, we explore the clinical variables that contribute to this variability and those that predict improvement. Patients and methods Frequency and duration of FoG, along with other standardized scales, were evaluated in 18 optimally medicated PD participants with intractable FoG, prior to and after completion of a 90-day course of 1 mg daily rasagiline. Gait tasks were video-recorded and analyzed by two independent reviewers. After evaluating the simple main effect, hierarchical cluster analysis was used to identify subgroups for treatment responsiveness. Bidirectional elimination stepwise regression analysis was conducted to identify which clinical variables predicted reduction in frequency of FoG events post-treatment …